Pack Leader Program

Become A Pack Leader!


What it is: The Pack Leader Program encourages local businesses and organizations to hold a mini-Frills drive at THEIR locations, collecting donations on behalf of the Frills For Furbabies drive.


Who can participate: Do you work for a local business? Are you involved in a community organization? Would you like to participate in Frills For Furbabies as a GROUP? Then the Frills For Furbabies Pack Leader Program is for you!


How it works: Your business/organizations holds a drive internally to collect items for Frills For Furbabies! During the drive, keep a journal of items collected so that we can put a “value” to the supplies you bring in. When your drive is over, simply call us and we will arrange to have your donations picked up, or you can drop them off at Stray Rescue and Five Acres. Simple as that!


Kolbeco will supply each Pack Leader with:

  • Poster
  • Informational eBlast (upon request – image only)
  • Promotional Flyers (upon request)


Sign up: Contact Erin Celuch by email or call 636.379.3895 x18 to join the Pack Leader Program today!