How Can I Help

Frills For Furbabies offers several ways for you to help. Whether you are an individual wishing to help or leading an organization wishing to contribute, you can make a difference in the life of a homeless animal. It is our goal to provide donation opportunities at every level to help the dogs!
Become A Pack Partner

The Pack Partners Program encourages local businesses to act as a donation drop location, where the public can drop off items on behalf of the Frills For Furbabies drive. Kolbeco will supply each business with a donation container*, poster, include participating businesses in online media efforts, list them as a donation location on the website, and set up a link over to their company website. Frills will be working with volunteers to make sure your donations are picked up on a weekly basis, and will accommodate early pick ups as needed. If you are interested in becoming a Pack Partner, email us!


Become A Pack Leader!

The Pack Leader Program encourages local businesses and organizations to hold a mini-Frills drive at THEIR locations, collecting donations on behalf of the Frills For Furbabies drive. Kolbeco will supply each business with a poster and include them in media efforts when possible to help support their mini-drive. In the past, coworkers have rallied behind the cause to amass some pretty impressive donations! At the end of the drive, Kolbeco will make arrangements to pick up donations at local businesses. Interested in becoming a Pack Partner?


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Hold a Casual Day For A Stray

We understand – not all businesses and organizations have the space to collect donated supplies during the Frills for Furbabies campaign. That’s okay! You can still help.


Casual Day For A Stray is a monetary program geared towards companies with a more professional environment that may not have the ability to support a lobby full of donations. Employers are asked to choose a day (within the confines of the donation drive start and end dates) to allow employees to “dress down” for the day in exchange for a $5 minimum donation! Companies participating are supplied with a promotional poster and “I DONATED” stickers for employees who participate.


All monies collected are pooled at the completion of the drive, and then split between Stray Rescue of St. Louis and Five Acres Animal Shelter. If your company wishes to make a donation to a particular shelter, please make a check out to them directly.


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