Area shelters are always in desperate need of supplies and donations to maintain an operable status, but for Stray Rescue of St. Louis that status proves to be significantly higher one. You see, each year Stray Rescue takes in hundreds of stray dogs, cats, puppies and kittens whom are literally knocking on death’s door on a much too regular basis – and they don’t turn them away. They have a full service vet clinic, and work with specialists and hospitals – and together, these hard working humanitarians operate tirelessly to offer every single animal that comes in the door the absolute best chance at recovery and eventually a permanent home.


Often times, it is a miracle that these animals lived as long as they did. But Stray Rescue strives to continue making a difference. And in the case of Canvas, help came in the nick of time. She was found severely emaciated, having recently had puppies that were nowhere to be found.


After months of slow feeding, quality food, antibiotics to fight off her skin infections, and lots of love Canvas made a full recovery and was asked to join several others in kicking off a new giving campaign called Operation Endless Pawsibilities, which has ben put together to help ensure the funds will be there to help others like her in the future. She made here television debut on Fox 2, Nov 19 ,to help show the public how far she has come and that she and man other animals like her are worth saving, and need your help!


Unfortunately, the medical care to saves the lives of dogs life Canvas comes at a price, and the financial burden if the high medical costs sometimes prevent Founder Randy Grim from rescuing more like her off the streets. You can be the difference these dogs need by supporting efforts like Frills For Furbabies and Operation: Endless Pawsibilities.