Meet my New Foster Sister – Jolene!

Jolene - Available for adoption through Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Jolene, available for adoption through Stray Rescue

Miles and I got such a fun surprise this weekend. We got to go to the Stray Rescue shelter and play with lots of dogs. Then, guess what? We got to take one home with us! Her name is Jolene, and she is so much fun.


Mama and Daddy said that Jolene will be our foster sister until she finds her furever home. See, there are so many dogs that need help because they are abused, abandoned, or were born on the streets. I don’t really know how Jolene ended up at Stray Rescue, but I know that the nice people there took her in and cared for her. But there is only so much room at the shelter, so Stray Rescue needs people to foster so they can save as many dogs as possible. The Pine Street shelter, where we got to play this weekend, has 150 dogs there! But get this – there are another 350 Stray Rescue dogs in foster homes like ours! Our Aunt Erin has two Stray Rescue fosters dogs too, Super Trooper and Entice.


I’ve had a great time playing with Jolene. I love to play, and so does she! Jolene comes to work with us every day too, and so do Super Trooper and Entice. I have so many friends in the office!


This holiday season, don’t forget the many four-legged friends in need. There are so many ways you can help Stray Rescue. You can participate in the Frills drive, volunteer at the shelter, or open your home to a foster dog. You’ll be saving a life, and it’s lots of fun too!