Confessions of a Former Street Dog

Hello my name is Miles and I have a confession to make. I’m not proud of myself, but I just couldn’t help it.


Every year when we have the Frills drive, I watch from my office as boxes of toys and treats come pouring in to KolbeCo. I think it’s great that people are so generous and really open their hearts to give to dogs in need. But as I see all the fun stuff come in, I get mesmerized. The smells, the squeaks, the sight of it all just draws me in and I can’t help it! But now I must confess.


Last year when my human co-workers were packing up all the donations to go to Stray Rescue, I snuck in and very stealthily grabbed a toy that had fallen on the floor! No one even knew I had been in the room. It wasn’t until I got carried away and started playing with my treasure that the squeaking noise gave me away. Yes, I stole a toy from the donation pile!


I am sorry that I did it, but I was just so drawn to it! See, I used to be a street dog myself. I was rescued by the great folks at Stray Rescue on Christmas Eve, four years ago. I had been living behind a business in a not so great area of town. I did a lot of hiding, and I got picked on by other dogs because I’m so little. One of these encounters left me missing part of an ear, and my rough life on the streets led to several broken ribs that have never quite healed right. I never had toys, and had never tasted a treat. Keep in mind – I was four years old when I was rescued!


Then one great day, I saw a nice lady putting hot dogs into a box. She was trying to get some baby puppies to go to the box, but I decided I wanted to go with that nice lady. After all, she had hot dogs! So I got in the box with the puppies, and the nice lady took me to Stray Rescue. I went into a foster home, then a week later, I went to a real home, and now I have the best mama and daddy ever. In fact, I always tell people that my daddy is the coolest daddy in the whole world! (And I guess my brother is OK too.)


I have such a fun life today, but sometimes I still go all “deer-in-headlights” when I see a good squeaker toy. They’re still so exciting for me and I get so tempted to hoard them because I never had them before!


So please forgive me for my sin. I am doing my best to restrain myself this year, and so far, haven’t tried to steal anything from the donation pile!


Keep all those donations coming. Your support is what will help Stray Rescue to get more dogs like me off the streets, and into great, loving homes. Thank you for hearing my confession, for listening to my story, and for supporting Frills for Furbabies.