She doesn’t know how good she has it…

It’s true what my Mom says about my sister… she’s a DIVA. She’s always demanding attention… begging and crying and wagging that stubby nubbin of hers. But what about me?!


Like this weekend – Emma was being all too-cool-for-school and “Hey Look at Me”… When she wasn’t getting what she wanted, she stooped to ridiculous measures. I mean seriously – WHO in the dog world is ever going to take her seriously wearing these?

…and for what? Just to get a few laughs?  Sure… everyone was laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes… but what about ME?!  It’s not my fault I don’t look as good in 80’s sunglasses and they slide off my face.


…and in that moment I realized something – Emma’s so worried about making herself the center of attention that she can’t stop to think about how good she has it. We’re the lucky ones… we have so much to be thankful for.


So this holiday season, I encourage you all to stop for a moment.


Forget about the boxer in the room wearing the crazy sunglasses and reflect on the things we should REALLY be thankful for…


…like chocolate labs named Quinn.